We seek to invest in companies that make a positive difference in the healthcare industry and earn an outsized return for our investors by becoming the financial partner of choice for business owners and operators in the lower-middle market.

Cimarron Healthcare Capital is a healthcare-focused private equity firm located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Cimarron was founded in 2014 by investment professionals who believe in the healthcare industry’s lower middle-market and the ability to capitalize on new growth opportunities and changing trends within the industry. We invest in businesses that we believe are positioned at the forefront of the evolving healthcare market.

We utilize an evergreen fund structure backed by family office investors and the Cimarron principals. The evergreen fund structure maximizes flexibility and enables us to grow our capital base by recycling investment proceeds.  This allows us to focus on long-term value creation rather than near-term exits and avoid the mixed incentives the typical three to five year fund raising cycle creates.

Cimarron’s investment team has deep healthcare industry experience.  We provide a valuable resource to our portfolio companies through value-added board membership, strategic insight and direction, commercial introductions, M&A activity, financing support, and a deep network of talented entrepreneurs, executives and industry leaders.

The combination of our evergreen capital base, investment team experience and industry resources aligns our investment strategy with our portfolio companies’ growth and expansion needs, creating an ecosystem designed to maximize portfolio company value.

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